Privacy policy

The conservator of would like to inform the visitor of this page about the management of private informations and the organizational and technical measures taken to protect these informations. You may also find information about the visitors’ rights and the possible validation of these rights.

  • The attendant of the information (based: 1119. Budapest, Fehérvári út 83/A)
  • The attendance of the information and the persistent connection between the registered customer using the services of the website and the attendant serves survey. All the information and fact referring to the customer is managed confidentially and used only for service development, purchasing advertisement areas, own research, and for set up statistics by the attendant of The statements made by usage of these informations are published only in such forms that is inadequate to identify the customers.
  • Personal information given by customers is accessable only for our data-managing associates. Personal informations will not be assigned to others by the attendant. It does not apply to the obligatory data forwarding defined by the law in some special cases. The attendant will always analyze the legal reasons whether it is in the rights of the authorities to demand these informations.
  • Registered users may decide to give the informations mentioned in the second segment. The legal foundation of data management is the voluntary contribution by the clients, who can claim for coverage about the management of their personal information. The attendant, when asked will inform the client about the data stored, the legal reasons and term of storage, the name and address of the attendant, any kind of activities relevant to the data in question, and who did or will recieve these inforamtions and on what purpose. The coverage can be asked by the address of the attendant or at the e-mail address. At these addresses the client can also the correction or deletion of personal information. These information, connected with the customer will be deleted on demand or because of inadequate usage of the services of the website. The deletion will be executed witin 24 hours in the next business day after the claim is recieved.
  • The user who feels offended becouse of the owner of violated the right of protecting personal data may validate the demands in front of civil court or may turn to the Commissioner for Data Protection. The relevant laws, involving the liabilities of the attendant can be found in the 1992. LXIII. act about data protection and the data publicity of general interest. We based our data protection principles on the 1992. LXII. act about data protection and the data publicity of general interest and the 1998. VI. act about the protection of individuals during data procession.
  • With the usage of the Internet many forms of risks may endanger the individual. Please be aware, that your sentiment written on our website is personal data as well. Any form of conclusion – involving provenance, political opinions - can be made by using it. These informations are available for anybody. We suggest that in behalf of the protection of your personal data use PET (Privacy Enhancing Technologies). You may find usable information about PET on numerous websites.
Legal statement

You declared the accept the contents of the Legal Statement.

If the conditions are not acceptable for you please do not open our sites.

All the information and data on, including the design and build-up, are under the protection of copyright. These elements can not be used without the permission of the owner. Violating these rights may lead to legal consequences.

The operator of the site observes the relative laws and orders when manages the information given by the visitors using the webshop.

The relative laws and orders: 1992. LXIII. act about data protection and the data publicity of general interest, the 1998. VI. act about the protection of individuals during data procession, the 2001. XL act about communication of information, the 1997 CLV act about consumer protection.

The operator of the site maintains the right to change the contets of the webshop at any time, including prices and other fees, without notice.

The owner of the password, what is needed for using the webshop, is responsibile for damages resultant passing or using the password by unauthorized person.